The Invincible Numbers

We’ve been measured with numbers since the days of our life begin. As we grow, this simple numbers (some times) could tell us a whole lot more then they are. It’s more than just the number shoes that we wear, how much we weight, how old we are, and etc. It becomes the profile of us, individual records, and secret data.

The numbers, it judges us. It makes huge different view of people perception. When you apply a job for example, excellent GPA is a must, otherwise you’ll suck (insert picture). That’s for start, or the time you need to finish your college, when you accomplished it longer than usual, people may think that you aren’t very serious with your life. Well, that seem shallow :p

Anyway, those numbers, some times they tell the truth but sometimes they don’t. How bout the successful DO’ers (The Drop Out people) like Bill Gates? He sure doesn’t need GPA to become billionaires.

It is because the ‘Invincible Numbers’ that work inside us. The numbers that set our value. Our dignity. Our dreams. Our fuel of being persistent. It makes our engine alive and runs unstoppably through what ever live would confront us. The greater the numbers, the greater the struggle.

No matter we lost it, we will regain our honor. Cause You are what you believe in how much you worth. That is why we fight every single day. Because human are worth more than flesh and blood. To do greater good. For himself or the entire race. To reach the infinite noble pride of human man kind.

So you can have all the fortune, power and money in the world, but what really define us is not that physical, but the ‘invincible numbers’.


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  1. invicible?
    invisible kali…

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