Fatal Mistake

People tend to do mistakes. Forget something, make wrong decission, ignore responsibilities, etc. It’s normally happen because it is so ‘human’.. and some how.. I did terrible one yesterday 😦

I don’t seek redemption nor begg for mercy, I realize to be a professional adult we learn from mistakes so we can perform tasks better. What I regret most is, it happen sometimes just because I’m not bold enough to ask myself whether everything is taken care of or not, deep inside my cerebrum I tend to let everything happen. sigh..

One thing about mistakes, some time it’s all bout choices and there’s always been consequences for what we choose. When we accept it, we invest it in our memory but if we deny it we tend to do it again and again.

Second, we are not always have to experience mistakes to avoid them, instead we can learn from other people mistake or gain knowledge by reading literature so we can prevent it.

For now.. I just wanna learn from it, and be one hell a good of ‘rookie’ by doing everything in their best shape. I’m gonna be MVP for myself :D.


One response to this post.

  1. cil… salah nggak sih, kalo kita punya ssuatu yg nggak pgn kita bagi sama siapapun? apa itu bisa disamain dgn ketidakadaan kepercayaan? mau email lo dong… galau…

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